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Applications Art and Decoration

NPPF has expanded its production facilities, a new section in which highlights the offering of modern quality products that deliver creative designs in both interior and exterior decorations that can be used by architectural applications, events and exhibitions, functions and merchandising displays. We are a leader in the production of attractive designs that aim to set new standards in high quality, functional and competitive products. Our products and services will be beyond your imagination such as:

Illustrative items - NPPF is producing illustrative items such as school materials that can be used as visual aids, for projects of the students, and even the interior decoration of the classroom.

Event decorations, props - EPS decorations for backdrops, stage designs, centrepieces in the events, and models can be also provided by NPPF.

Cartoon character – Double the fun! NPPF can also make your favourite sculpted cartoon character that can be decorated in any exhibitions, events, occasions like birthdays and etc.

Exterior design - NPPF manufactures polystyrene decoration for your exterior design/decoration requirement. We specialize in making façade, backdrops, sculpted polystyrene that can be used in street decoration and events, and any outdoor props. We can guarantee as well for the durable and flexible material.

Interior design - NPPF Interior Decoration is an essential part of decorating your interior for the reason it will provide dimensions and distinctive style.

Bean Bags and Toys

  • Cushion/Bean Bags/Stuff Toys – EPS Crushed or Fresh Beads / EPS Chips.
  • Soil Modifiers – EPS Crushed.
  • Concrete Mixtures – EPS Crushed or Fresh Beads.
  • Loose Fill – EPS Chips.
  • Additives – EPS Granules.
  • Additives – EPS Compact.
  • Heat Compression.
  • Incineration.

Features and Benefits:

  • New EPS Products: crushed beads can be blended with virgin EPS material to make new EPS Blocks.
  • Crushed Beads: can be used for light weight concrete, insulating renderings and porous bricks.
  • EPS beads can also be used for soil improvement and soil aeration.
  • EPS beads can be extruded and made into hardwood replacement, can be used to make products such as furniture, picture frames etc.
  • New Plastic Products: Compact EPS waste can be converted to pellets and used for CD cases, hangers, pots, disposable cameras, etc.


Technical Data
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