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Geofoams are large blocks of polystyrene that are used for landscaping-landfilling applications. NPPF offers geofoams with high R-value that can withstand heavy loads. 

National Polystyrene, recognized as the largest Geofoam manufacturer and supplier in the UAE, has been at the forefront of this transformative movement, providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry. By leveraging the unique properties of Geofoam, NPPF has played a pivotal role in reshaping the skyline of the UAE, contributing to the realization of ambitious architectural endeavors with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), Geofoam boasts an exceptionally lightweight structure that significantly reduces structural load, making it an ideal choice for projects where weight management is critical. Additionally, its high compressive strength and ability to withstand heavy loads make it an excellent solution for stabilizing and supporting critical infrastructures, including highways, bridge approaches, and embankments.

Furthermore, Geofoam's superior insulation properties contribute to enhanced energy efficiency, ensuring optimal thermal performance in building foundations and road construction. Its resistance to moisture and chemicals guarantees long-term durability, reinforcing the structural integrity of various applications across the construction landscape.

From foundational support in road and railway construction to slope stabilization and structural fill applications, the versatility of Geofoam transcends traditional construction limitations, enabling engineers and architects to push the boundaries of creativity and design while maintaining the highest standards of safety and durability.

  • Geofoam & Landscaping
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bridge Approaches
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Theater and Stadium Seating
  • Ramps
  • Airport Runways
  • Foundations
  • Lightweight Void Fill
  • Embarkments
Technical Data

Geofoam & Landscaping

Geofoam is a lightweight, rigid, and cellular plastic material used in various construction and landscaping applications. It is typically made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam

Geofoam - Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures designed to hold back or retain soil, rocks, or other materials on one side, preventing erosion or collapse of the terrain on the other side. They are commonly used in civil engineering

Road and bridge construction

NPPF Styrofoam is the ultimate choice for bridge and road construction, crucial for developing transportation networks that facilitate the movement of people, goods, and services.

Polystyrene Blocks for the construction of theater and stadium seating

Polystyrene blocks find application in the construction of theater and stadium seating. These seating arrangements are fundamental to entertainment venues, ensuring audiences enjoy an enhanced viewing experience through well-planned design and layout.

EPS Blocks Manufacture in UAE – For Ramps

NPPF Dubai stands out as the top supplier for EPS blocks, consistently delivering high-quality products and catering to diverse industry needs with exceptional customer service and reliable distribution channels. National Polystyrene commitment to consistently delivering top-tier products, along with their exceptional customer service and reliable distribution channels, positions them as the go-to choice for businesses seeking quality and reliability in their supply chain.

EPS/Polystyrene Blocks for Foundations in UAE

National Polystyrene blocks serve as a crucial component for foundations, providing reliable support and effective load distribution for various structures. Foundations, essential for stability, transfer the weight of buildings, bridges, and other constructions to the underlying soil or rock.

EPS - Geofoam for Lightweight Void Fill

National Polystyrene Blocks are extensively utilized in the UAE for their lightweight void fill properties, effectively filling empty spaces in construction projects without imposing excessive weight or stress on the structure. This solution is particularly advantageous in various construction scenarios.

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