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Light Weight Pallets for Air Cargo


The innovative solution that is revolutionizing the world of transportation. Our EPS Pallets, made from closed-cell Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), are designed to provide a new standard of efficiency, strength, and sustainability for air cargo and various modes of transportation, including vessels and road transportation, which can replace wood, plastic, paper, and other compound materials.

Why Choose EPS Pallets for Air Cargo?

Lightweight and Strong
EPS Pallets strike the perfect balance between being lightweight and exceptionally strong. The closed-cell structure of Expanded Polystyrene ensures that these pallets are not only easy to handle but also capable of withstanding heavy loads, making them ideal for Airfreight where weight is a critical factor.

EPS Pallets are engineered to withstand the rigors of transportation. They are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and temperature variations, ensuring that your cargo remains intact and protected throughout its journey.

As the world focuses on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of transportation, EPS Pallets stand out as an eco-friendly option. They are 100% recyclable and contribute to reducing deforestation by eliminating the need for wooden pallets.

We understand that every cargo is unique. EPS Pallets can be customized to fit your specific requirements, ensuring that your cargo is safely secured and transported in the most efficient manner possible.

By choosing EPS Pallets, you can reduce your overall transportation costs. Their lightweight design helps optimize airfreight, potentially lowering shipping expenses while increasing the amount of cargo you can transport.

EPS Pallets meet international standards and regulations for air cargo and transportation. Rest assured that your shipments will comply with all relevant guidelines, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Our EPS Pallets are suitable for various transportation modes, including airfreight, vessels, and road transport. This versatility makes them a cost-effective solution that can adapt to your diverse shipping needs.

EPS Pallets are easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent choice for industries where hygiene is a priority, such as pharmaceuticals and food.

Reducing Carbon Footprint
The lightweight nature of EPS Pallets leads to lower fuel consumption during transportation, further contributing to a reduction in your carbon footprint.


Advantages of National Polystyrene (EPS) Pallets



  • EPS Pallets reduce airfreight, shipping & road freight Costs.
  • EPS pallets are easy to handle and easy to clean.
  • EPS is environment-friendly and shock-absorbing.
  • EPS has no impact to health in application/use.
  • EPS offer the best Price/Performance Ratio
  • EPS is 100% Recyclable.

Technical Data

EPS Pallets for Air Cargo

EPS pallets are particularly well-suited for air cargo due to their lightweight design, which helps reduce shipping costs, and their strength, which ensures the safe transport of goods.

EPS Pallets for Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry often requires pallets that are hygienic, resistant to moisture, and compatible with temperature-sensitive products. Our EPS pallets meet these requirements.

Pallets for Food and Beverage

EPS pallets are commonly used in the food and beverage industry because they are easy to clean, resistant to moisture, and do not harbor pests or bacteria and ideal for transporting perishable goods.

EPS Pallets for Electronics

Electronic components and devices require secure transportation to prevent damage. EPS pallets offer shock-absorbing properties, protecting fragile electronics during transit.

EPS Pallets for Automotive

EPS pallets are used for shipping automotive parts and components, as they can withstand heavy loads and resist chemicals and oils often associated with the automotive industry.

Pallets for Chemical Industry

Chemical products often demand pallets that are resistant to corrosive substances. EPS pallets are chemically inert and can safely transport a wide range of chemical products.

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