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Free Eye Check-up

Eye check-up is healthy for every individual, as the world evolved, many have changed and one of them is the use of computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, high definition TVs and more. People are really into to these technologies as those are in fact now necessary to our everyday lives and to our work, but one should not forget the harm it can cause to our eyes, to our vision… if we did not take precautions.
For that reason and as the organization understand its importance for the employees, a “FREE EYE CHECK-UP” program was launched inside the company premises on 11 to 12 of September 2023 with the aim to take the first step of taking care of our Eyes from those harmful elements as well as early detection of any health problems related to our eyes and body. 

The two (2) days “FREE EYE CHECK-UP” program has been made possible by National Polystyrene Packaging Factory in collaboration with MIREYE AL SHAMS Optical Trading LLC and with their DHA Licensed Optometrist. Their presence inside the company premises with their special equipment and instruments have given each employee a chance to have their eyes checked-up without leaving the work premises, without time having wasted especially those who lives in accommodation who requires to travel to go for check-up.  With this helpful partnership and collaboration, each employees were able to be checked-up and counselled according to the outcome of their eye test which was done by full eye evaluation for vision, eye pressure test and refraction test. Those who have decided to wear an eyeglasses was given a wide selection of frame to choose from at no cost, and some even received an additional discounts, that I think was the exciting part of program, imagine of receiving a free eye check-up with free frame and additional discount, that is really an awesome deal. And before I forget, the optical also delivered the complete eye glasses in the company without charges, so what more can you ask for? 

By the way, wondering how much a pair of eyeglasses would cost an employee? Well, considering the freebies I would get (free frame, additional discount and free delivery) and based on the cost quoted for my eye grade, the cost were really competitive comparing to other Optical. The program was just at the right time, where everybody is looking for a better rate wherever they go or whatever they buy, so, this program gave us a real deal that we could not resists.

Having said the above, I believe many has benefitted to the program, and I would say it was such a successful one and a helpful one. Some have learnt that they should be wearing a pair of glasses by now, some have learnt their eye grade had level up and some have just decided to change their glasses. So, I guess piloting the same program every couple of years is not a bad idea. 

Lastly, I want to say Eye health is as important as our body, thus, we should give them attention as how we give attention to our body. 

Take a step for a healthy eye sight.

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