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Discover premium-grade EPS beads for a multitude of applications at National Polystyrene (NPPF) Our expanded polystyrene beads are engineered to deliver exceptional durability, lightweight insulation, and superior shock absorption. Ideal for various industries, including packaging, construction, and crafting, our EPS beads offer unparalleled versatility and cost-effective solutions for your specific project needs. Explore our comprehensive range of sizes and densities, all crafted with precision and quality assurance, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Partner with us to experience the innovation and excellence of EPS beads that elevate your projects to new heights. Get in touch with our experts to discuss custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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Architectural Shapes

Architectural shapes, also known as architectural forms or geometric shapes, are fundamental elements in architecture and design. They refer to the basic geometric figures used to create buildings

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